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Raktamokshan (The Blood Letting… for good health)

Panchkarma is a unique treatment procedure of ancient Indian medicine. It is commonly used for detoxification of body. Due to detoxification a state of health is maintained as well as all diseases could be cured with the help of panchkarma.

Vaman , Virechan, Nassya , Raktamokshan, Basti are collectively called as panchkarma. Out of which we are going to discuss about Raktamokshan in this article.

Raktamokshan is the procedure of blood-letting. In this procedure we take out the impure blood, due to which a person is suffering from a disease. Hence this procedure detoxifies ‘raktadhatu’ ( Blood). It is really very helpful & effective procedure though it sounds very primitive. Not more than 100 to 150 ml blood is taken out at one sitting. Sharad rutu (i.e. period between September to November) is a classical period for detoxification of your body through raktamokshan.

Raktamokshana can be used in the treatment of following diseases:-All types of Skin diseases, Psoriasis, liken planes, leukoderma, Hyperlipidemia, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Acne, Gout, Obesity, vertigo, Herpes Infections,General Detoxification etc…

Procedure details:-


it includes a ‘Aabhyantar Snehapan’ (taking Ghee or oil orally). Amount of snehapan defers patient to patient. At times whole body massage may also be required.

Procedure :-

According to ancient ayurvedic practices raktamokshana can be done by four ways:-
A) Siravedh
B) Jalaukavachaan
C) Shrunga
D) Alabu
Now a days in practice in ‘AYURVEDA REATRAT REWA’ we follow first two ways of raktamokshana i.e. Siravedh & Jalaukavacharana

A) Siravedh:-

in this way we take out the venous blood from blood stream with the help of scalp vein set. We can take out 100 – 150ml of blood at a single sitting without having any side effects.

B) Jalaukavacharan:-

in this procedure we apply a jalauka {Leech ( a type of helpful organism which sucks impure blood)}. It sucks impure blood and also reestablishes a good blood supply in the area of application.

After – Procedure:- No major after procedure is involved in this type of Panchkarma. Only dressing is done.

Benefits of Raktamokshan are as follows:-

1) All types of Skin diseases could be treated with raktamokshana.
2) Psorias could be treated with the help of raktamokshana.
3) liken planes, leukoderma could be treated with the help of raktamokshana.
4) Raktamokshana helps in treatment of Hyperlipidemia,
5) Heart Disease, Hypertension could be treated with the help of raktamokshana.
6) Raktamokshana gives best results in the treatment of Acne.
7) Gout (high levels of uric acid in blood), could be treated with the help of raktamokshana.
8) Raktamokshana gives best results in the treatment of Obesity.
9) Raktamokshana helps in treatment of Hyperlipidemia vertigo,
10) Herpes Infections are treated with raktamokshan,as well as post herpes neuralgia is also treated with the help of raktamokshan.October to December is a period (Sharad Rutu) in which raktamokshan is advised for general detoxification. A healthy person can undergo process of raktamokshan in this period so as to achive healthy life.
Hence if you want to undergo the process of raktamokshan please contact ‘Ayurveda Retreat Rewa’