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The immune system is body’s defensive mechanism that fights against infections. Immune system is made up of special cells, and organs that are present throughout the body. Lymphocytes also known as the White Blood Cells (WBC) are the key players in the immune system. The immune system restricts entry of infection-causing organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi and thus prevents illnesses. However, when the Immunity is compromised the body loses capability of protecting you from infections. Immunity can be affected due to several reasons such as unhealthy lifestyle, stress, genetic disorders and ageing. Ayurveda, which is the oldest surviving medicinal system, has suggested few therapies to increase the body’s natural Immunity to disease.
Aches and pains of a progressively ageing body can be better managed by regular Abhyanga.

Padabhyanga is beneficial several health problems that arise with increasing age. Padabhyanga is effective in reducing aches and pain in lower extremities.
AyurvedicNasyam treatment can be used in disorders that develop with increasing age such as pain, paralysis, stress etc

Ayurvedic herbal massage with warm oil stimulates production of white blood cells to improve Immunity.



Chyawanprash is a herb based formulation and health supplement that can be taken by people, from literally any age group. Both men and women can benefit from taking chyawanprash regularly. It tastes sweet, sour and a tad spicy, and looks like fruit jam to an extent. It is sticky and has a brownish-black hue.


Amla is one of the three fruits that are contained in Triphala and it is the main ingredient in the nutritive jam Chyavanprash. Amla contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, one of the highest known in the plant kingdom—twenty times that of an orange.1 More importantly, the vitamin C contained in the amla fruit is stabilized by the presence of tannins, which help amla to maintain its vitamin content even through processing.

Swarna prashana

Swarna prashana is a unique formulation of gold, honey and specific herbs innovated by Maharishi Kashyapa. It helps in immunity enhancement, both physical and mental development. Herbs used in Swarna prashana act as a memory booster, develop grasping power, sharpness and recall memory. Prevents teething problems in infants. Swarna prashana is given on the day of ‘Pushaya Nakshatra’, which comes after every 27 days. (or can also be given for continuous one year) Should be given for children of 1 day to 16 years old.